Testimonial - Narvada Dunnoo
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"Being a mom and student is hard but it's possible!"

Having a child has not been an obstacle for me. I was rather thrust to go forward with my studies. I am very grateful to the Flymates team as they have always guided us towards success. I could notice so many changes in Myself after joining Flymates as it helped me in improving my knowledge, communication skills and confidence.

by Narvada Dunnoo

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"It is about being caring, having a passion for what you do and conveying that passion to everyone................."

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 I realised very quickly that Flymates is about not only motivating students to learn but teaching them how to learn, and doing so in a manner... Read..

by Sheila Samy Volkova

"Flymates a été toujours et est l'institut idéal qui m'a aidé à grandir et à me perfectionner"

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J'ai toujours voulu faire partie du domaine de l'aviation et j'ai découvert que Flymates c'est une de&... Read..

by Lisa Beatrice Verloppe
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