Testimonial - Narvada Dunnoo
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"Being a mom and student is hard but it's possible!"

Having a child has not been an obstacle for me. I was rather thrust to go forward with my studies. I am very grateful to the Flymates team as they have always guided us towards success. I could notice so many changes in Myself after joining Flymates as it helped me in improving my knowledge, communication skills and confidence.

by Narvada Dunnoo

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"I am proud to be a former flymates’ student"

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Flymates was not only school for me but it was my home and the whole team was my family. Flymates’ team has helped me to develop myself in ma... Read..

by Inshiira Peerbux

"Flymates a été toujours et est l'institut idéal qui m'a aidé à grandir et à me perfectionner"

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J'ai toujours voulu faire partie du domaine de l'aviation et j'ai découvert que Flymates c'est une de&... Read..

by Lisa Beatrice Verloppe
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