Testimonial - Anu Jogi
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""It's been a year that I work at Etihad and even today I put into practice what I learned at Flymates.""

"First of all, I would like to say Thank You to Flymates for where I am today, it is because of Flymates. I joined them in 2014 and I started the course in March and finished in June.... The lecturers and the students were like a team and we helped each other. Flymates helped me to gain in confidence and whatever I learned helped me to put into practice during my assessment day in Etihad, in South Africa. Flymates helped me and gave me a prospect to what kind of questions the panel would ask and what kind of training they would need from me. I already knew about them before going to training because I had the books and had the knowledge about the fire fighting, turbulence or even the self-learning, grooming which is known as style & image which is the exact same thing in Etihad. It's been a year that I work at Etihad and even today I put into practice what I learned at Flymates. Team building was one of the most important things that Flymates taught me. When we are on board, as a team, we help each other".


by Anu Jogi

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"I am proud to be a former flymates’ student"

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Flymates was not only school for me but it was my home and the whole team was my family. Flymates’ team has help... Read..

by Inshiira Peerbux

"These 3 months with the Flymates Teams is unforgettable"

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I am Kavissen Krishnasawmy, former Airport Operations student (Batch Sept 2013). What can I say! For sure Flymates is ... Read..

by Kavissen Krishnasawmy
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