"I chose to learn from the best, and no doubt Flymates was the very best"


I chose to learn from the best, and no doubt Flymates was the very best.  Having an introvert personality, it seemed pretty impossible to purs... Read..

by Hanscella Erigadoo

"Living the dream of working with the world elite airline"

* * * * *

Going to Flymates and studying Airport Operations was the best decision I had ever made and that gave me the opportuni... Read..

by Kavissen Krishnasawmy

""I would say that Flymates is a tower of strength and knowledge""

* * * * *

It is indeed a great pleasure to share this special moment with you. I did my interview in Muscat, the capital of Oman, in January 2016 and became ... Read..

by Shabneez Chady

"En arrivant à Flymates, j'ai toujours eu la joie au coeur"

* * * * *

C'était une très bonne expérience pour moi car vraiment je me suis senti valorisé par cet... Read..

by Shaza Ayacootee

""It's been a year that I work at Etihad and even today I put into practice what I learned at Flymates.""

* * * * *

"First of all, I would like to say Thank You to Flymates for where I am today, it is because of Flymates. I joined them in 2014 and I started the c... Read..

by Anu Jogi

"Flymates a été toujours et est l'institut idéal qui m'a aidé à grandir et à me perfectionner"

* * * *

J'ai toujours voulu faire partie du domaine de l'aviation et j'ai découvert que&nbs... Read..

by Lisa Beatrice Verloppe

"C'est une expérience unique qui mérite d'être vécue"

* * * *

Avoir avoir complété mes études secondaires, incertaine de ce que je voulais faire, je suis tomb&... Read..

by Megane Flore

"Being a mom and student is hard but it's possible!"

* * * *

Having a child has not been an obstacle for me. I was rather thrust to go forward with my studies. I am very grateful ... Read..

by Narvada Dunnoo

"Faire partie de cette institution est une chance incroyable et une fierté pour moi"

* * * * *

Actuellement en cours de formation de Flight attendant à Flymates depuis bientôt 3 mois, j'ai choisi Flym... Read..

by Anaïs Mohunlall

"Mes quelques mois passés ici me motivent à tester mes capacités et à aller encore plus loin."

* * * *

C'est un sentiment extraordinaire d'être étudiant chez Flymates. Mon parcours a été formida... Read..

by Nabeel Dilloo

"Mon passage à Flymates a été incroyable, magique!"

* * * * *

Mon passage à Flymates a été incroyable, magique, il n'y a pas de mot pour le décrire. L'a... Read..

by Mégane L'éveillé

"Flymates est l'institut idéal pour commencer ses études dans la filière de l'aviation"

* * * *

Pourquoi Flymates? On me pose souvent cette question.

Flymates est l'institut id&... Read..

by Oppila Chengubraydoo

"J'ai choisi cette institution pour sa renommée, la qualité des formations et l'expérience des profs."

* * * * *

Mon expérience à Flymates a bien débuté, cela fait maintenant trois semaines que je suis &... Read..

by Shehzade Ismael

"Après mon passage ici, je suis certaine de sortir en étant quelqu'une de meilleure"

* * * *

Etre à Flymates est une expérience exceptionnelle que je vis en ce moment. Avec l'atmosphère tr&e... Read..

by Clarinia Juthiah

"The lovely staff and trainers are very caring and friendly"

* * * *

Flymates has helped me in my life to achieve lots of things about communication skills (verbal and... Read..

by Naim Bhollah

"I was living my Dream"

* * * *

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude and feelings towards Flymates. In such a short time, Flymates became my fami... Read..

by Tanveer Gangabissoon

"The best place for your dreams to come true!"

* * * * *

Flymates gives you the knowledge and training to succeed into the Aviation Industry. They provide professional instruc... Read..

by Faatimah Laulloo

"A positive and friendly atmosphere to learn"

* * * *

I'm happy to have joined this wonderful institution and meet great people and friends just like family.


by Anoupa Seenarain

"Studying at Flymates is a very fruitful experience"

* * * *

Studying at Flymates is a very fruitful experience with great trainers and friends.


by Navish Ammigan

"Faire de mon rêve une réalité"

* * * *

Flymates pour moi est une grande expérience que je vis en ce moment avec des profs et des amis merveilleux. Che... Read..

by Ludovic Abbufera

"Flymates, my second Home"

* * * *

From teachers to students, there is a family atmosphere that is perfect for nurturing academic ability at Flymates. Th... Read..

by Darshini Prayagsing

"...And now my passion is becoming my life."

* * * *

The day I stepped in the office of Flymates, i knew that my life was going to change.
Flymates is a place where w... Read..

by Avishey Ramchurn

"Flymates is the passion that takes you further than your dreams."

* * * * *

Studying at Flymates is a constructive experience for me.

Flymates is the f... Read..

by Adrielle Chan Show

"Mon passage à Flymates va être mémorable."

* * * *

Je me suis inscrite pour le cours de Flight Attendant chez Flymates comme je suis très attirée par le ch... Read..

by Priyanka Dwarika

"A paradise place to study in Mauritius"

* * * *

Finally I found the right place where I have studied in peace. The education system at Flymates was so different that ... Read..

by Farheen Bahadoor

"Flymates is the best"

* * * *

Being a student of Flymates was about making the most of all the opportunities available to me. Flymates helped me to ... Read..

by Diksha Joonucksing

"Cherished Moments"

* * * *

During my journey at flymates, i enjoyed each and every moment: "It felt like home when I was there". A common passion... Read..

by Maïta Puran

"Thank you for an enlightening experience!"

* * * *

Flymates brought me more than I imagined I could get from these courses. Your professionalism, knowledge and keen inte... Read..

by Anne-Sophie Sidonie

"It is about being caring, having a passion for what you do and conveying that passion to everyone"

* * * *

I realised very quickly that Flymates is about not only motivating students to learn but teaching them how to learn, a... Read..

by Sheila Samy Volkova

"The Flymates Teachers/Resource Persons have been a torchlight"

* * * * *

It's an honour and great priviledge for me, as parent of one of your students, namely Adarsh Aubeeluck, to be ass... Read..

by Sanjay Aubeeluck, Father of ex Student, Adarsh Aubeeluck

"This training experience made me a better person"

* * * * *

When I reflect on my journey at Flymates, what I can conclude is that this training experience made me a better person... Read..

by Vanessa Botlarrygadoo

"These 3 months with the Flymates Teams is unforgettable"

* * * * *

I am Kavissen Krishnasawmy, former Airport Operations student (Batch Sept 2013). What can I say! For sure Flymates is ... Read..

by Kavissen Krishnasawmy

"I am proud to be a former flymates’ student"

* * * *

Flymates was not only school for me but it was my home and the whole team was my family. Flymates’ team has help... Read..

by Inshiira Peerbux


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