Roses are red, violets are blue, our teachers are the best and thats why we are too. Happy teachers' day to our wonderful trainers. you mean a lot to us...

One of the Ditchiing sessions were students of the Flight Attendant Course did not only engage in activities related to their studies, but also had fun and shared happy times.

A unique experience for our Flight Attendant Course students

Wednesday 28th June 2017, our Flight Attendant Course students went for their Cabin Crew Emergency Training at the Air Mauritius Simulator at the Airport.
After learning in theory about the emergency procedures, they got the opportunity to put in practice their knowledge and skills learnt at Flymates.

Flight attendants have the responsibility to ensure safety, they are trained to takle different types of incidents and conduct emergency procedures. Our students got the chance to witness and conduct the tasks of Flight Attendants, they made the most of this intense, essential yet fun training.

Lovely surprise for our Airport Opeartions Fundamentals student Irfaan Aullybux
Irfaan's classmates planned a surprise birthday party with a nice cake to make his day special.
We are very happy to see how friendship and warmth reigns among our students at school

On behalf of the whole Flymates team: We wish you a Happy Birthday Irfaan :)

Happy to see how our students took the initiative to organize a Get Together all by themselves. 
Their main aim was not only to have a nice time together but also to share their respective cultures and traditional cuisine. 
'Rason', Sagoo Appalam, Sao Mai, Fritters and homemade cakes among so many were on the menu.

We somehow feel proud to see how a good friendly atmosphere prevails among our students
Keep it up guys :)  

What's much better than starting the weekend destressing? 
Looks like our students are enjoying their stress management class outdoor. 

Grooming is one of the important aspect of the Aviation World.
Our girls today have learnt how to do a professional make up appropriate for the Aviation Industry. 
While for some, this class was completely new, for others the class was more of a fun activity.
See how beautiful they look :)  

Our boys are making their 1st step in the professional grooming required in the Aviation industry.
Their 1st activity today was the Tie. After many trials, lots of fun, they have finally succeeded in doing it by themselves.
See how handsome our boys look :)

" Sharing is caring "
Proud to see how our Travel Agent Foundation course student Nathalia Pothano is so caring as she bought some nice homemade doughnuts to share with her friends and the Flymates crew.

Keep the spirit up!
Thank you very much Nathalia for the doughnuts, they were really delicious. :)

Our March intake students made this wonderful flag for the school during their team building session
Great one indeed, we cannot say they lack talent and creativity

Well done guys :)

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