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Why choose Flymates?


You may wonder why you should choose Flymates from all other aviation schools in Mauritius? Well, (search no more), Flymates is the one for you.

First and foremost, we should outline that all courses offered at Flymates are recognized by the International Air Transport Association, known as IATA, which is an international body issuing directives that all airlines follow. Therefore, this certificate issued and approved by IATA is your passport to enter the aviation world and you will have more opportunities for your career at an international level.

Moreover, for some courses, Flymates provide AMADEUS system which is an important tool for your job.


You can pursue advanced studies with Flymates to gain a competitive edge in the global aviation job market. For instance, after successfully achieving four IATA exams, you will receive a prestigious diploma and therefore, you will become a precious asset on the job market. In other words, you will be in demand and are more likely to be recruited rapidly as you possess the knowledge required to fulfill your job and these airlines companies already know that you are a well-trained person.


The Ramp VR Course

Certified by IATA, this course is designed for ground operations students. The Ramp VR is a technology that allows you to

- get into real situations in a virtual environment and deal with various circumstances                        - operate in any weather conditions.

- record your performance.

Flymates is first institution possessing this technology (Ramp VR) and it is a real asset for students as they will have a direct overview of the job they want to do and at the same time, gain more practice and develop their analytic skills, by being a problem solver and more experienced. Flymates combine the theoretical training with interactive simulations, that is, the practical side, so that it enhances student’s comprehension and retention role.


What makes Flymates so special ?

At Flymates, we value who you are and we recognize the fact that each individual is unique and has various potentials and even if you are not aware of you capabilities and potentials, we are here to help you develop your acquired skills. This is why Flymates have set up soft skill classes to help each individual know him/herself better and discover in which areas they are better at and therefore put emphasis on those skills. For instance, we have Public Speaking classes, French speaking classes, Team Building classes, Sophrology, self-defence amongst others. We want to transform you to be the best version of yourself. These classes are dedicated for betterment of the individual, be it emotionally or mentally. We also favour the sharing of experiences.

Also, to provide you the best quality of our courses we put at your disposal the best trainers having considerable experiences in the field. In this way, you are able to know the real nature of the profession and what are the qualities needed to fulfill your job in the best possible way.


In a nutshell Flymates offers you an international certificate which opens new doors and new opportunities for your career and at the same time you will become a multi-tasked person. At Flymates, we promise to bring the best out of you, to help you fly.

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