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News - Happy Cheers, as Flymates Students Shine in IATA Examination


More than 10 distinctions from a range of courses

According to Sidney J. Harris, “the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. A state where we do not just see ourselves and the imaginations of our hearts, but also, the awareness and awakening of our minds to the opportunities and possibilities that we can achieve. A popular Chinese proverb also states that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step” and some months ago, many of our students took that first step towards achieving their dreams.

With a strong will and passion to be part of the aviation workforce in Mauritius and around the world, many students enrolled in our range of IATA certified courses. Aiming to become Flight attendants, Ramp operations experts, and professionals in various aviation and Travel/Tourism jobs, our students studied under the tutelage of seasoned professionals that make up the Flymates team. Finally, on the fifth and sixth of December 2017, it was time for their IATA certification examinations.

IATA (International Air Transport Association), is a leading trade association of the world’s airlines that support aviation with global standards for airline safety security, efficiency, and sustainability. As a Top-performing IATA Training Center, Flymates is always dedicated to giving standard training dynamics to produce efficient aviation professionals. However, at the point of examination, it was up to the students to prove the quality of training and mentorship that they had gotten.

This expectation was met with great news as students from Flymates had outstanding performances in the examinations with more than ten students who had distinctions. As congratulatory messages arrived from IATA to Flymates, the staff, as well as students, had little control over how excited they were. For the Flymates team, it was a confirmation of a dedicated drive for excellence. For the students, it was rewarding, and an evidence to prove that dreams come through.

As Flymates remains dedicated to helping young Mauritians achieve their dreams, you can be part of the next big story by enrolling in our range of IATA certified courses for 2018. With a blend of soft skills and professional training, you will be glad you studied with the best.

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