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2017 ACI Africa Conference and Visit of IATA Delegates to Flymates


Flymates is strategically positioned to make a significant contribution to the industry

As Mauritius played host to more than 500 aviation professionals/delegates attending the ACI Africa/World General Assembly, it was no doubt a positive atmosphere that triggered optimism for the aviation sector in Africa. While stressing the importance of the theme, “Bold leadership in a time of change”, the Director General of ACI World, Angela Gittens, stressed the importance for airports to readily have a positive/productive reaction towards the accelerating changes faced by the aviation sector in recent years. Stating the unique opportunities and challenges in the sector, the Chair, ACI World, Declan Collier also stressed the need for key stakeholders to take bold steps in the development of sustainable measures to address these changes.


Present at the conference were stakeholders from different sectors of the aviation ecosystem, dedicated to creating a better industry in Africa and the world at large and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was not left out on such an auspicious occasion. Over the years, IATA has been on the forefront of contributing to the safety and reliability of the aviation industry with its network of about 278 airlines. One of the ways through which these successes have been achieved is through training standards for existing and incoming professionals in the aviation industry with immense contribution from IATA Training Centers around the world such as Flymates Ltd (Mauritius).


As Africa joins the world in making decisions that will transform the aviation sector, there is also a high demand for industry-ready professionals to implement and sustain these transformative measures. Thus, Flymates Ltd is at the forefront of changing the status quo of aviation training in Mauritius. Holding the Top Performing IATA Training Center Award in Africa and the Middle East, Flymates was a choice center to be visited by the IATA delegates; Guy Brazeau (Director of Training, IATA) & Marafon Claudimar (Training and sales in Africa and the Middle East). As they made their way through the school environment and interacted with trainers and trainees, it was clear that not only is Flymates unique in its training approach, the overall dynamics and infrastructure were aligned with the aims and objectives of contributing positively to the advancement of the aviation industry. The visit also involved interesting interactions between IATA delegates and staff of Flymates, after which a group photograph filled with smiles was taken to crowned it all.


Furthermore, about the conference, Mr. Giovanni Nombro (Flymates) explored the RAMP-VR gear at the IATA stand, to exhibit the next step of aviation training. This was to make a statement of Flymates implementation of the Virtual Reality technology. A move that places Flymates as the first training center to implement such technology for training in Mauritius and most parts of Africa. As Africa gets ready for a giant leap, Flymates is strategically positioned to produce industry-ready professionals that will spearhead the drive.

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