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Flymates has out shined its competitors and bags the IATA Top performing training centre in the African and Middle East region

Out of more than 50 IATA training centres in the African and Middle East region, Flymates has outclassed its partners with its nomination for the ‘2017 Africa & Middle East Top performing IATA Authorised Training Centre,’ which was held from the 15th to the 17th of May, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This award globally recognises the best IATA institutions, which have been thriving for excellence, based on three criteria: the number of students enrolled in 2016, the students’ examination pass rate in 2016, and the overall enrolment growth rate.

Vishwas Adjodah, Managing Partner of Flymates Ltd, states that “this award is the epitome of all our efforts invested over the last eight years. It encourages us to further, affirm ourselves in our mission of training the younger generation in the aviation and service sector.”

With this accreditation, Flymates now benefits from an array of privileges, including: an increased exposure through a dedicated IATA webpage showcasing our elite status, an imprinted award-winning title in our further marketing assets, as well as a complimentary distance learning course. 

Since its creation in 2008, Flymates has aimed at working towards its vision to be the leading training institution for Aviation and Travel & Tourism Studies in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Flymates also engages itself to significantly boost the Service Culture in Mauritius.

With this very zeal, Flymates will continue to direct all its efforts, with a renewed focus, towards reaching the pinnacle of the IATA Training Centre ladder.

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