News - New Technology Might Ease Airport Liquid Ban


Testing technology that could detect explosives and screen substances inside bags

These new scanners being tried at Heathrow airport could change the approach of aviation security in the nearest future. Perhaps that change will come much sooner than expected. In 2006, worldwide rules were placed on liquid substances after a terror plot was stopped in the UK. This gave rise to stern airport security measures around the world.

The Computerized Tomography (CT) scanners which make use of 3D imagery will be put to test in a bid to increase satisfaction and comfortability of air transport passengers as well as strengthening the security in airports. Transporting of liquid substances has been quite a challenge for passengers who often found it difficult to understand why they couldn’t carry little harmless containers of liquid makeup, drinks or medication.

The Department for Transport (DfT) of the UK has stated that they will closely work with their international counterparts to ensure that they capitalize on the latest advances in technology to make air transport safer and less stressful. Though the technology will be implemented, it will only be on a trial basis as existing rules will still hold and passengers are advised to adhere to directives from airport personnel.

Some of such rules stress that liquid holding containers must not hold more than 100ml. These containers are also expected to be fit into transparent plastic resealable bags which passengers will need to remove from their hand luggage for screening and security checks before their flight. While the technology is still at its testing phase, it is definitely a positive step towards enhancing air travel.



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