Frequently Asked Questions

Are the certificates at Flymates recognized internationally?

All our certificates are recognised internationally by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and approved by the Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA). 

Are there any Internship or job guarantees after having done the courses?

We do not guarantee internships or any job to our students but our courses definitely gives you added value in terms of knowledge and skills along with an internationally recognised certificate from IATA. 

However, Internship opportunities are based upon best performance and also the disponibility of our partners


Have the students of Flymates been recruited by airlines?

Many of our students have been recruited by different airlines namely Air Mauritius, Emirates, Qatar Airways and even Etihad mainly as Flight Attendants, Passenger Service Agents and Ticketing agents.

Does Flymates offer an IATA Diploma Option?

We do not offer a Diploma but having done at least FOUR AVIATION courses, you are automatically eligible for the IATA Diploma in Ground Operations.

The Courses are:
1. Airport Passenger Handling
2. Ramp Opeartions and Services
3. Aviation Security Awareness
4. Airport Opearations Fundamentals

What are the benefits of doing the IATA Diploma ?

The IATA Diploma in Ground Operations allows you to have a wider range of job prospects in the aviation field according to the FOUR chosen courses.

What is the minimum age and qualifications needed to follow the courses?

There is no minimum age to follow the courses but we require a minimum of SC (School Certificate) with a good standard of Mathematics, logical mind and a good knowledge of English. However we strongly recommend to all our students to have an HSC (Higher School Certificate) as it gives you better chances for getting a job in the future.

Are there any courses done on a part time basis?

Our courses are mostly Full time courses as along with the IATA course content, we have soft skills classes and some extra classes as well.

The only Part Time courses available are:
1. Travel and Tourism Consultancy
2. Aviation Customer Service
3. Avaition Security Awareness

What is the duration of the IATA Diploma ?

The duration of the IATA Diploma in Aviation Studies will depend on the FOUR chosen courses. The duration of each course can vary between 4 to 6 months. However, it needs to be completed within a maximum of 3 years.

Does Flymates provide student bus pass?

Unfortunately, we do not provide bus pass as the NTA does not provide this facility for courses that last for less than one year.

Does Flymates provide visa to students who want to study at Flymates and who are abroad?

We can assist the students who want to come. However, we cannot provide the visa.

Can we wear hijab for the courses at Flymates?

Most airlines do not recruit hijab wearing. As per the rule of Airlines, full uniform should be worn until you reach home. Not even for the classes as there are Grooming Sessions, swimming evaluation and outdoor activities.

However, for Travel Agent Foundation Course, wearing Hijab is possible.


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