Course - Flight Attendant Course (IATA Category: Aviation) - June 2017 Intake
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01 June 2017
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Flight Attendant Course (IATA Category: Aviation) - June 2017 Intake


This course introduces the skills and responsibilities expected by the world’s leading airlines , special emphasis is given to customer service and procedures for handling unusual situations during flight, with useful tips for completing the recruitment process.


What You Will Learn

Upon completing this course, you will have the skills to:

· Understand the cabin crew profession, its
origins and current practices

· Identify aircraft types and relevant cabin crew functions

· Manage passenger interactions in a variety of circumstances

· Recall emergency and safety procedures


 Key Topic

· Air transport and flight operation

· Crew responsibilities and cooperation

· Managing abnormal and emergency situations - practical simulator and ditching sessions with Air Mauritius

· Medical emergencies onboard the aircraft

· Dangerous goods

· Aviation security

· Customer service and interaction with passengers

· Airline catering and onboard retail services

· Cabin crew professional development

· Aviation English

· Soft skills - Image management,communication, stress management, swimming, language, service techniques




  1. Internship at the airport

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  • Flight Attendant
  • Cabin Crew
  • Air Hostess
  • Steward

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