Course - Aviation Security Awareness (IATA Category: Aviation)

Aviation Security Awareness (IATA Category: Aviation)


Security is a concern for everyone in the industry, affecting virtually all areas of operation. Whether you work with passengers, cargo or at a security checkpoint, you have a role in keeping the industry safe.

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What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will understand: Your role as a future security professional in the overall aviation security framework.The types of threats to consider in a security risk assessment .Steps for enforcing security in your work areas.The role of human factors in maintaining security 

Key Topics

Current threats to the aviation industry

• Aviation security regulations and the international organizations behind them

• Airport access control for people and vehicles

• Passenger, baggage, cargo, mail and catering security basics

• Common airport and in-flight security measures for responding to threats

 Recommended For

  • Entry-level security staff
  •  Industry personnel working with passengers or cargo

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